Episode 8: Bruce Springsteen - Jungleland

Born To Run Album Cover 400x400.png

In Episode 8 of Song Voyage, we are talking Bruce Springsteen and the final song off of his legendary album, Born To Run--Jungleland. We'll take a close look at the album as a whole, discuss the music and lyrics, and try to explain what appears to be a sad and tragic ending to the song. We'll also talk about Clarence Clemons legacy, his amazing two minute and ten second sax solo, and how Bruce continues to honor him to this day. Plus, find out which musician Todd absolutely has a man-crush on.

Show Notes

  1. Bruce Springsteen website
  2. Born to Run on iTunes
  3. Jungleland on iTunes
  4. Jungleland on YouTube
  5. Jungleland on YouTube with onscreen lyrics
  6. Saying Goodbye to Clarence Clemons "The Big Man" - NBC Nightly News (June 20, 2011)
  7. Jon Stewart introduction - Kennedy Center Honors Bruce Springsteen
  8. Jungleland live performance in Madison Square Garden in 2009 at Rock Hall Concert
  9. Jungleland live at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ on 9/20/78 (this is Mitch's favorite version of the sax solo)
  10. Another absolutely blistering version of the solo in Tempe, AZ in 1980
  11. Great version--again at MSG, this time in 2007 and a little more somber
  12. First time playing Jungleland after Clarence's passing (Gothenburg, Sweden in 2012)
  13. Finally a Jake Clemons version from 2016 at MetLife Stadium
  14. Victoria Clemons' Tribute to her late husband Clarence Clemons
  15. A concert in The Netherlands less than a year after The Big Man's passing when Bruce talks about missing Clarence
  16. Just nine months after Clarence passed, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out in Atlanta featuring the Big Man Tribute, but before they added the video montage
  17. This version of Tenth Avenue Freeze Out includes the Big Man Tribute video
  18. U2 performing Moment of Surrender and Jungleland on the day The Big Man passed
  19. Bon Jovi the day after Clarence died performed Tenth Avenue Freeze Out in Denmark
  20. The Boss introducing Clarence
  21. Clarence talking with a rock historian about meeting Bruce Springsteen
  22. Bruce on Colbert talking about his Top 5 Bruce songs
  23. Bruce speech inducting The E Street Band into the Rock Hall
  24. Waiting on a Sunny Day with little girl in Oslo
  25. Waiting on a Sunny Day compilation
  26. Official video for Dancing in the Dark featuring Courtney Cox dancing
  27. Finnish website debating Jungleland and New York Serenade
  28. 2015 NJ.com ranking of all Bruce songs lists Jungleland at #1 (readers of the site ranked it #3 behind Born to Run and Thunder Road)
  29. Vulture.com did a similar ranking of every Bruce song and put Jungleland at #7