Episode 7: Metallica - Bleeding Me & The Outlaw Torn


On Episode 7 of Song Voyage, we’ve got not one, but two songs for you. We’ll be discussing the heavy metal giants, Metallica. But not the band you may be familiar with. Instead of the thrashing sounds of Fight Fire with Fire, the epic Master of Puppets, or the jaw-dropping super speed of Battery, we’ll be tackling two songs off the controversial album that typically splits Metallica’s fan base in two--Load’s The Outlaw Torn and Bleeding Me. In the next hour we’ll debate which is better, the studio versions or the live performances from the legendary S&M concert. We’ll talk about the heavy influences that classical music has had on the metal genre. And you’ll hear why legendary bassist Cliff Burton is absolutely responsible for Metallica’s evolution into Load and Re-Load.

Mitchell OsterComment