Episode 5: Queensrÿche - Suite Sister Mary


In the mid-1980s, Queensrÿche was one of the most creative Heavy Metal bands in the world. In 1988, they released Operation: Mindcrime--a concept album that follows the rise and fall of a young drug user, Nikki, who gets caught up in revolution and political assassination, all while falling in love during the process. But his rise is very short-lived and the story comes to a crescendo in the song Suite Sister Mary as it all starts to fall apart for Nikki. We're gonna talk about this ten-minute epic and discuss some of the deeper hidden meanings of the lyrics. Also, why the political and psychological message of Operation: Mindcrime could still fit into the American political discussion almost 30 years later, the wild story of what happened to the band in the years that followed the album, and will this be the first episode where we have a strong disagreement over a song? 

Mitchell OsterComment