Episode 12: TV on the Radio - Wolf Like Me

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On Episode 12 of Song Voyage, we tackle Wolf Like Me from New York's TV on the Radio. This band garners a lot of strong opinions from fans and critics, and this episode will be no different. Todd and Mitch are joined by Robert Weller--operator of the metal.txt Twitter handle and lover of all things loud and terrible. He will help the hosts explain how important this band really is. We'll discuss one of the greatest Rock legends of all time who was a huge fan of TVOTR and even made a guest appearance on one of their songs. We'll also discuss the sad ending for one of the band's members and the beautiful music he helped create while battling cancer. And what will be the reaction from big fans Mitch and Robert when Todd reveals his reaction to Return to Cookie Mountain? Find out on Episode 12 of Song Voyage.

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