Episode 11: Volbeat - Lola Montez

Volbeat 400x400.jpg

The Danish band, Volbeat, may be the best band you've never heard of and one of Todd's all-time favorites. In Episode 11 of Song Voyage, Todd is going to introduce Volbeat to Mitch. We'll talk about the song, Lola Montez, find a way to work in 22 other Volbeat songs, and we still won't have scratched the surface on this incredible band. We'll discuss how Metallica has become a big supporter of this band, offering them opening spots on many of their recent tours. Todd will tell the story of how he was actually injured at a Volbeat concert a couple of years ago. We'll detail Michael Poulsen's amazing story telling abilities, including the sad tale of a husband and father who loses everything--played out through four songs over three albums ending with one of Todd's favorite's, Mary Ann's Place. 

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